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Our Story 

We provide a software solution that allows anyone, anywhere to envision their space with visualization based on architectural concepts. 

Created in May 2009, Asynth is a technology company based in Europe, specializing in architectural design and visualization. The main product of Asynth, Space Designer 3D, is an ecosystem of applications focused on raising public awareness of architectural concepts. More than a simple interior design software, Space Designer 3D provides a solution to help design and draw homes and buildings efficiently, using intuitive and experimental tools such as those in the field of architecture and construction. With over two million users worldwide, Space Designer 3D helps individuals and professionals in gaining better insight on their upcoming work by providing an easy-to-use application that lets users draw floor plans, furnish them, and visualize their projects in 3D.

Our Creative Founders

Space Designer 3D was born from the complementary skills of the two co-founders of Asynth: Isabelle TRISTRANT, an architect specializing in object representation and light simulation of 3D spaces, and Baris SARICOGLU, an architect and IT engineer specializing in sustainable design.

Co-founder / CEO



Isabelle is an architect who was involved in the realization of world-renowned architectural projects such as the London Bridge Tower at Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

Co-founder / CTO



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Meet the Team

The success of Space Designer 3D allowed the company to grow and open offices both in France and Hungary. The Headquarters and Design Studio are based in France, where the business strategies, design activities, and marketing operations are carried out. The Development Studio is located in the very centre of Budapest where engineers from the best Hungarian universities ensure the development of new features for Space Designer 3D.

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