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Transform and Grow Your Business

This ultimate pack to optimize marketing and sales processes for businesses of all sizes of the construction industry.

Draft technically in 2D, then in-a-click visualize in 3D for all your projects. Communicate and share instantly online with your customers, or make changes in realtime.


Your aesthetic solution allows your client to dream and picture themselves in their space with the help of your quality rendering tools and even in virtual reality.

Integrate your solution on your website to drive lead generation and help grow your SEO, organically. Market your projects with captivating animated walkthroughs, galleries, photorealistic images, and more.


For a simple and uncluttered application, create your tailored system by selecting the modules that are most useful to you.

Attract, Present, Inspire

Take the industry standard of galleries and templates to a higher level. Create galleries and templates to charm clients, then allow them to decorate or customize your plans under your control.

Keep Quotes Inline 

Track inventory or create bill of materials for effective, fast quotes. Use internally or allow your clients to understand how project changes affect their budget.

Quality Exports for Top Level Presentations

Exports are no problem whether you are looking for basic to advanced capability. Space designer is enabled to export easily in PDF, PNG, JPEG, GLTF, GLB, SVG, IFC, and more on demand.

Animated Walkthroughs

Produce instant exports of animated walkthroughs of your projects which can also be converted to photorealistic videos, or overlay renderings to guide your experience.

Ultimate VR Experiences

Giving your clients the possibility to see their project in VR is a surefire way to build confidence in your design or architectural endeavours.

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Design, Sales, and Marketing Solution

Modules Included in This Pack

Base features included in all packs to design and present your projects quickly. Includes:

  • Branding and Interface Customizations

  • 2D and 3D Views

  • Basic Construction Tools

  • Measurement Tools

  • Annotation Tools

  • Default Product Catalog

  • Basic Export Tools

  • Mobile Viewer

  • User and Project Management

Space Designer Base

Create customizable roofs for the project by hand or let your application generate it for you based on your walls. Add skylights or solar panels, choose the most suitable roofing materials.

Roof Designer

Create two-dimensional, cross-sectional and elevation representations for all your levels.

  • Show the composition of the facades with its openings.

  • Analyze the circulation between the different levels.

  • Define ceiling heights and floor thicknesses.

  • Highlight the relationship between the interior and exterior.

Section & Elevation Views

Import a floor plan image in JPEG, PNG or PDF formats to use as a drawing base to easily reproduce your existing floorplans.


Import a panoramic image to better reproduce the environment where your project is located. Define the location and orientation of your project and identify the position of the sun according to the time and its visual influence on your project.

Environment & Skymaps

Design detailed outdoor environments for your project with simple tools such as terraces, gardens, and an extensive catalog of outdoor materials, vegetation, and products.

Outdoor Design Tools

Develop a custom gallery and custom templates for visualization, marketing, and sales.

Gallery and Project Templates

Create multi-level projects, mezzanines, split levels, and stair openings.

Multilevel Projects

Create an instant report on the elements present in a plan, for example, products and building materials. It also allows you to create estimates in a few clicks.

Inventory, Bill of Materials

iFrame Web Integration

Integrate your project iFrames, via our API, to allow your clients to explore your projects the way you want.  Capture their data for your lead generation and drive your SEO, while engaging them to customize or decorate to their needs. 

Market and Close Sales

Your solution will be the ultimate easy go-to software for photorealistic renderings. The cherry on the top is our PBR materials. Create stunning marketing materials, enhance clarity in contracts, and close sales faster.

Professional Architectural Tools

Showing the exact coordinates and sun placement at any time of the day as well as the measurement modules take the hassle out of a well placed project.

Communicate Effectively

Whether you need to communicate your ideas to clients, internally, or with technical teams, on the project is a breeze with our communication and annotation tools. Make changes on demand in meetings. Avoid mistakes and convey ideas easily to clients or amongst teams.