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All Modules for Construction

Streamlined Sales Workflow

Utilize templates to start with an existing project and adapt it to your client's needs using a complete set of accurate and easy-to-use drawing tools. View your changes in 3D and create a bill of materials in a matter of seconds.

Embed in Your Website

Integrate a client portal into your website so that they access and can collaborate with you. Through active participation in the design process, client understanding and retention is improved.

Real-Time Collaboration

Easily collaborate with clients and professionals in your field right from your browser. Store data in an accessible and secure location. Export to Autocad and Revit. Write, share, and receive feedback instantly without wasting time or data on the workflow.

Create Stunning Visuals

Create visually stunning photorealistic renderings, eye-catching floor plans, high-quality panoramic and orbital views that enrich the content of all your advertising materials and marketing campaigns. Generate striking visual elements that will capture the attention of potential customers and present your properties in the best possible light.

Search Engine Optimization

Enhance your website's user experience by providing visitors access to Space Designer. The longer they interact with Space Designer, the more search engines will recognize their engagement. This will ultimately improve your website's search engine ranking.

24/7 Lead Generation

Provide your website visitors registration and project access in your  Space Designer to help drive daily prospection. Space Designer is designed to automatically gather contact information, project details, and estimates from these leads for your sales team, enabling introductions  and to quickly close more deals.

Customization for Your Needs

Customize Space Designer to meet your needs using our module catalog, which includes over 50 options. If there's a specific feature you require that isn't currently offered, let us know and we'll look into the possibility of creating it for you.

Construction Pack

Space Designer Construction Package provides comprehensive marketing and sales solutions for the construction industry, with persuasive advertising tools to capture the imagination of customers. Includes features like project templates for a quick start, easy drafting using a complete set of architectural components, various 2D/3D visualization modes, real-time client collaboration, and the bill of materials.

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