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Modules Included in This Pack

AI-Powered Floor Plan Detection

Streamline the digitization process of your paper floor plans by using AI-powered technology to detect and trace walls, doors, and windows.

Easy Website Integration

Improve your SEO and lead generation by allowing clients to explore your listings on your website through interactive floor plans and 3D models.

Customizable Floor Plans

Allow your clients to edit floor plans in an immersive and interactive way, so they can visualize changes and better anticipate their future property experience in 3D and VR.

Stunning Marketing Materials

Use Space Designer to elevate your real estate marketing with incredible images and animations done effortlessly in-house, on your schedule and with your creative vision. Impress potential buyers with stunning virtual tours of listings, showcase properties on social media like never before, and build a portfolio that stands out.

Project Versions

Offer your clients multiple choices for design and budget options. Compare before and after versions. Save time and improve efficiency by creating multiple design versions and switching between them seamlessly using a user-friendly interface.

24/7 Lead Generation

Provide your website visitors registration and project access in your  Space Designer to help drive daily prospection. Space Designer is designed to automatically gather contact information, project details, and estimates from these leads for your sales team, enabling introductions  and to quickly close more deals.

Space Zoning

Assists prospective tenants in visualizing and making informed decisions about how their layout and space requirements match your properties using customizable color-coded zoning maps.

Real Estate Pack

Enhance your real estate business and stand out with our advanced tools which allow you to showcase your properties in the best light while generating more qualified leads. Create interactive floor plans in 2D and 3D right on your website. Digitize your paper floor plans quickly and easily with AI-powered tools, saving valuable time in the process. Provide real-time design, constructability, and cost insights for developers, architects, and general contractors. All with stunning images and animations that are sure to impress potential buyers.

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