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Modules Included in this Pack

Base features included in all packs to design and present your projects quickly. Includes:

  • Branding and Interface Customizations

  • 2D and 3D Views

  • Basic Construction Tools

  • Measurement Tools

  • Annotation Tools

  • Default Product Catalog

  • Basic Export Tools

  • Mobile Viewer

  • User and Project Management

Space Designer Base

Create pre-designed rooms for quick and repeatable use to speed up the design process.

Room Templates

Maintain your catalogs with own products and materials. Define keywords to simplify the search, prices, alternative products, links to product sheets, color settings and much more.

Custom Product and Material Catalog

Provide customers with access to view catalog products in augmented reality directly from iOS and Android devices in their spaces with ease.

AR Product Viewer

Start the project with a preselection of products from the catalog previously defined by your customers on your e-commerce website.

Wish List

Create an instant report on the elements present in a plan, for example, products and building materials. It also allows you to create estimates in a few clicks.

Inventory, Bill of Materials

iFrame Web Integration

Integrate your project iFrames, via our API, to allow your clients to explore your products the way you want.  Capture their data for your lead generation and drive your SEO, while engaging them to customize or decorate to their needs. 

Guide Your Client Journey

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Custom Catalogs


Easy to Use, Beautiful Renderings


Market and Sell Your Products, Anywhere, Anytime

Showcase your products with ease, allow your customers to see your products in their spaces anytime, and close sales on your e-commerce....