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Attract, Present, Inspire

Create Galleries to showcase your work and your talent.

Drive your SEO and generate leads while providing your client with a tool where they can design their decor or visualize a remodel. 


Take the industry standard of galleries and templates to a higher level under your control.

Or, use galleries internally to manage projects, planning, visualization or data.

Streamline Your Inventory and Quote Creation Process

Create fast, accurate quotes for your projects, whether you're using it internally or sharing it with your clients.


With the ability to see how project changes impact the budget in real time, you can make informed decisions and keep your projects on track.


Plus, you can fix the prices for your catalog products and materials directly in the back office, giving you complete control over your pricing. 

Zoning Maps

Easily visualize and understand the layout and use of your physical space with our customizable color-coded zoning map. Identify different zones or areas, optimize space usage, and make informed decisions to improve efficiency and productivity.

Whether you're managing a large conference, office building, warehouse, or any other type of commercial or industrial space, the Zoning Map can help you better understand how your space is being used and identify opportunities for improvement.


Make more informed decisions about how to allocate resources, improve efficiency, and increase productivity.

Safety Distance Tools

Show your spaces at their ultimate potential with safety in mind.

Highlight safe distances around dangerous moving machines or biological hazards. 

Show emergency exit plans and even put covid safe distances in all of your spaces.

Government & Corporate

Visualize Your Needs and Optimize Your Decisions

Modules Included in This Pack

Base features included in all packs to design and present your projects quickly. Includes:

  • Branding and Interface Customizations

  • 2D and 3D Views

  • Basic Construction Tools

  • Measurement Tools

  • Annotation Tools

  • Default Product Catalog

  • Basic Export Tools

  • Mobile Viewer

  • User and Project Management

Space Designer Base

Accurately visualize the minimum distance required between people to meet sanitary constraints in an office or public space. Define safety zones relative to machinery or fire escape paths.

Safety Distance Tools

Create multi-level projects, mezzanines, split levels, and stair openings.

Multilevel Projects

Create an instant report on the elements present in a plan, for example, products and building materials. It also allows you to create estimates in a few clicks.

Inventory, Bill of Materials

Accurately visualize the minimum distance required between people to meet sanitary constraints in an office or public space. Define safety zones relative to machinery or fire escape paths.

Safety Distance Tools

Create color-coded groups to differentiate spaces on a floor plan.

Zoning Map

Design report templates from the back office to process and present various spatial data generated by your projects.

Custom Reports

Export your projects to Autocad with your own layers and blocks.
Map your architectural components and products with Revit families to create Revit projects in a record time.

BIM/CAD Export

iFrame Web Integration

Enhance your visualization and analysis capabilities, generate new leads, drive your SEO organically, and attract new clients with iFrame integrations.


Our system allows you to seamlessly integrate dynamic and engaging visualizations into your website, giving your clients and stakeholders a clear and comprehensive view of your projects.


Plus, our customizable options allow you to tailor your visualizations to meet the specific needs of your organization, helping you to stand out and drive more value.

Walkthrough Animation Video

Elevate your presentations with interactive visualizations of your projects.

Video Animations allow you to create stunning animated walkthroughs, which can be converted to photorealistic videos, or you can overlay renderings to showcase your designs in a highly immersive and engaging way.


These tools can help your clients and stakeholders better understand and visualize your projects, as well as serve as valuable tool for contracts and marketing. 

Rapid Floor Plan Detection 

Our system allows you to quickly and easily upload a floor plan and automatically generate a detailed and accurate structure.


You'll save time and effort and be able to focus on delivering exceptional design, visualization, or planning. 

Share this feature with your clients or stakeholders easily over editable projects. 

Curate Beautiful Marketing Materials

Create incredible photorealistic images, or tours, that convey your capabilities and artistic vision for sales, social media, portfolios, and contracts.


No more need for expensive, time consuming renderings that are outsourced. Keep it in-house, rapid, and under your control. 

Custom Reporting and Advanced Exports

Generate custom reports from lead generation and project data with our advanced reporting and exporting solutions.


We work with large corporations and governmental organizations to support informed decision-making and drive business success.


Our advanced exporting capabilities in BIM and CAD formats enable seamless integrations into enhance your workflow.

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