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Dedicated Support

With our dedicated support you are given access to your personal client board where you can make requests for additional services, report issues, or just ask questions. Your board allows you to track tasks and progress. We are there for you by tagging us on your board, by email, and by phone.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your dedicated account manager is your go to person here at Space Designer. They are there for dedicated support and to facilitate your needs throughout our technical teams. Your dedicated account manager will check in with you and is available when you need, ensuring that you have everything you need for your solution working smoothly.

Onboarding Training

Here is the fun part! We will help you get your white label solution set up and get your team trained. You have 6 hours of onboarding training available to you. This way you know you are covered. 

Advanced Training

Advanced training is available to help you dive deeper into back office custom controls, advanced objects or materials integration, and more. Our expert team has your back.

Object Creation

Have one of our experts help you to create your custom objects. Our design team is able to optimize objects for peak performance and renderings. We create your objects, you validate them, and they are uploaded to your custom catalog. 

Material Creation

Just like custom objects, we are pro's at helping you create the materials you need to add the "wow" to your designs. We have the technique and know how to ensure your materials are realistic and can function as they should for resizing and renderings. Our PBR materials make your renderings stunning.

Floor Plan Reproduction

We can draw your plans for you with a quick turn around time. You can choose to have us create the essentials of the plan, and even furnish it with the Space Designer catalog.

Rendering Credits

If you ever need more renderings available than what is in your pack, you can always add on more when needed. Add more when you create your solution or at anytime easily in your pack office. Easily manage your rendering credits in the back office and distribute them as you like.

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Our Pro's

We know that it can be challenging or even costly to dedicate time and resources to the initial stages of problem and solution development, and that in some cases you may be looking for a bit more. Our experts can help analyze your needs and work with you to determine the possibilities of development.

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