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Modules Included in This Pack

Optimize Space with Zoning

Use pre-built project templates to kick-start your design process and quickly adapt to your customer's specifications with a wide range of precise and user-friendly drawing tools.

Collaborate Online

Collaborate efficiently, streamline design processes, and make informed decisions on the cloud.

Streamline Office Efficiency

Enhance your office efficiency by analyzing space allocation, equipment, and daily usage. Create dynamic workspaces that embrace contemporary work cultures, patterns, and health requirements. Design spaces that attract and retain top talent.

Create Stunning Presentations

Enhance your presentations with stunning images and animations made in-house, on your schedule and following your vision. Capture the attention of potential tenants with virtual tours of your rental spaces and showcase them in a unique way on social media.

API and SDK Integration Ready

Use the API and SDK to transform Space Designer into a versatile data entry or visualization interface, making it suitable for a wide range of applications such as resource booking or BIM portfolio management.

Accelerate Design Iterations

Use project templates to begin a new project based on existing projects, and adapt it faster to your needs with a complete set of accurate and easy-to-use drawing tools. View your changes in 3D and generate a bill of materials with a single click.

Visualize in Virtual Reality

Elevate how you showcase your office spaces by using state-of-the-art virtual reality technology compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

Office Pack

Employ a comprehensive solution for office efficiency, visual presentations, and smart decision-making. Evaluate the distribution of space, resources, and daily activities to craft flexible work environments that reflect modern work cultures and prioritize health and safety, thereby appealing to and facilitating the retention of top talent. The platform also includes customizable color-coded zoning maps, virtual reality technology, and API/SDK integration for versatile data entry and visualization, making it suitable for resource booking and BIM portfolio management.

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