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Client Testimonials

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Floor plan visualization, Space Designer Client Testimonials, Reviews
3D Global View PDF Export from Space Designer

Space Designer is an interactive tool that enables everyone involved in the making of the project, be it a house, an office space or a staged event to creatively expose their vision. Starting from the end-user, one drawing becomes the place where all modifications are done, before sending it to the design office or the manufacturer. The drawing can be modified in real-time if there is a need to amend the building permit, the window size, or any other modification. We can thus forget the hundreds of 2D drawings which undeniably will get lost or wrongly transcribed when exported into yet another file format.

We have been lucky to grow alongside our clients in the past ten years. Some have been with us from the very beginning, and some we’ve been fortunate enough to start working with over the past few years. One thing they all have in common is this shared interest in new technologies, and how to use them to their advantage.

We here at Asynth firmly believe 3D modeling will become indispensable within the next few years. Customers do not want promises, they want proof. Space Designer 3D offers the guarantee that their vision will see the light of day through an interactive planner and configurator. The 3D model allows a complete view of their project through various angles and truly projects the customers into their creation.

Our clients often have very different businesses, yet Space Designer 3D adapts to each challenge and progresses thanks to them. After all, the companies we work with may not necessarily be in the same industry, but it does not mean that their goals are not similar.

We’ve found that over the course of our five interviews, some key elements seemed to be recurring, such as the acceleration of the sales process, the ease with which it is to use our tool for both clients and salespeople. We’ve noticed the appreciation from the real-time, online modifications which allows them to close sales faster than before. So without further ado, let’s hear it from the clients themselves, the heroes that allow Space Designer to grow and thrive in their client testimonials.

3D Event Designer is a Californian event-planning company. For 10 years, 3D Event Designer has helped businesses and individuals design and share their events online in 3D. Their goal is to transform the way events are planned, and accelerate the real estate leasing process through innovative 3D technology.

Event Design Software White Label Space Designer
Client Testimonial Space Designer, 3D Event Designer Reviews

Here is their testimonial:

“We felt that the event planning industry was pretty archaic, working only with sketches and 2D floor plans, and that our clients needed 3D.

It was an idea that I had for the industry that didn’t previously exist. We wanted to create a software ourselves, reached out to other companies but it didn’t work out. That is when I found Space Designer. I reached out and asked if we could adapt the software for the specific needs of the event planning industry. I told Baris and Isabelle what I had in mind, my idea about these high definition event spaces, and they said, “we can make this work”.

We have been using Space Designer 3D for almost ten years now. Our whole business is built around the software. We wanted to offer a new, innovative solution for the event planning industry, and the custom features of Space Designer 3D made it possible. It was the best investment we could have made over the years, and we have added so many additional features.

Space Designer 3D has really helped us grow our business over the last few years. We wouldn’t have a company without this software. Their team is constantly pushing the boundaries, not only for event planning, but for the whole software industry.”

Armoires Cuisines Action is a Quebec company that manufactures and designs kitchens and bathroom furniture. Founded in 1989, the company currently has 250 employees.

Mobile view of 3D Kitchen Visualization
Space Designer Client Testimonials, Kitchen Reviews

Armoires Cuisines Action designs, retails, manufactures, delivers and installs custom-made kitchen cabinets, vanities, cabinets, laundry rooms and walk-in closets. This requires a high degree of precision, especially with regard to the dimensions of the modules to be installed, in order to be sure that it corresponds to the space available at the customer’s premises.

The company has opened an online shop. This allows Armoires Cuisines Action’s customers to buy their modules via the Internet, without going to a store.

However, this option poses a number of problems, particularly with regard to the possible omission of elements such as handles or panels. By opting for the Space Designer custom solution, Armoire Cuisine Action allows its customers to plan their kitchen via an online designer. The customer prepares his plan on the online designer, chooses the materials for the modules and then transfers the objects from the software to their shopping cart via the integration of an e-commerce platform.

“Space Designer allows the customer to visualize their project much more easily. The application also allows our kitchen designers to log on, go and see the plans made and correct them if necessary. We can now check whether a panel, handles, or countertop is missing, if everything is working. It’s a real advantage for us,” says Amélie Beaupré, merchandiser. “In online sales, it’s a considerable advantage to have an online configurator over our competitors.”

If you’re not yet a Space Designer customer, we’d be happy to add you to our growing list of clients. We make it our mission to provide you with the best lead generator and customer service that would encourage you to offer up a wonderful customer testimonial of your own.


We know that it can be challenging or even costly to dedicate time and resources to the initial stages of problem and solution development.

That is why we offer our potential clients a free consultation call with one of our experts so that together we can brainstorm and discuss whether your company can gain real benefits from our solutions. Contact us today!


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