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Elevating Design and Customer Experience- Innovation at VanHomes with Space Designer 3D™

The housing market is often complex and rife with challenges, especially for those seeking affordable and convenient solutions anywhere in the world. When Vito Russo had to secure retirement housing for his parents back in 2008, the experience opened his eyes to the glaring need for more simplified and cost-effective housing alternatives. Drawing inspiration from this personal predicament, he and his wife, Nicole, took the entrepreneurial plunge and founded VanHomes. Initially starting as a two-person team, VanHomes has since flourished into a full-fledged enterprise employing over 100 skilled professionals. However, with growth came challenges, particularly in maintaining operational efficiency and delivering an unparalleled customer experience. Enter Space Designer 3D™, a technological game-changer that has drastically overhauled the way VanHomes operates and serves its customers.

The Genesis of VanHomes: A Legacy of Problem-Solving

Innovation is at the heart of what VanHomes does. Since day one, their focus has been on innovative designs and quality workmanship at an affordable price. Their determination and attention to quality have not gone unnoticed. Within a short span, VanHomes rose through the ranks to become a leading name in Australia's portable and affordable housing market. Their offerings now range from auxiliary units like granny flats to complete retirement homes and sophisticated home offices. VanHomes is no longer just a company; it's a force redefining Australia's housing landscape.

Space Designer Client  VanHomes
VanHomes Unit

To understand the impact and scalability of their operations, we spoke with Mitch Russo, a key member of the VanHomes team. He is in charge of the accounts team but has an extensive role across different departments. He shared valuable insights into the company's growth journey and how their strategic alliance with Space Designer 3D™ has become instrumental in achieving operational excellence.

The Challenges of Scaling a Growing Company

"One of the main challenges for our company in our sales team was the ability to liaise clearly with our customers so they can build concise plans for manufacture," stated Mitch Russo. When your company grows, the complexities multiply. One such complexity was their initial dependence on basic PDF editing software to design housing layouts. Each sketch was lengthy to complete when they needed it to have taken around ten minutes to complete. This sluggish workflow began affecting their output and took a toll on the overall efficiency of the organization. "There wasn't really a good alternative unless our sales team was well versed in CAD programmes which were both extremely expensive and our sales staff was not able to use them," adds Mitch.

In Search of a Better Way- Space Designer 3D™

Recognizing the urgency for a scalable solution, the VanHomes team began exploring various options. One of their sales team members stumbled across Space Designer 3D™ while looking for a solution to the problem as their customer base was getting too large for their PDF editor solution to keep up. Mitch recounts, "We considered many different editing programs, but none offered the flexibility and ease in which Space Designer 3D™ has allowed us to achieve in such a short time frame." Space Designer 3D™ software seemed to meet all of VanHomes requirements. "The Implementation and learning of the new software had to be fast and efficient as our teams had to continue selling the product at the same time - with the tutorials and support as well as intuitive controls it was a breeze to pick up," Mitch recalls.

The Transformative Impact of Space Designer 3D™

The integration of Space Designer 3D™ into VanHomes' workflow was transformational, to say the least. "Our past designing phase per customer was around the 1-2 hr mark but we are now moving through about 5 -7 in the same timeframe. The ability to share the project directly with the customers is a great way to keep them engaged and committed - especially having the 3D capability allowing customers who can't make the trip to our displays, feel safe with their purchase," Mitch explains. The software didn't just speed up their design process; it added a whole new dimension of interactivity. The 3D visualization features enabled clients to take virtual tours of their future homes. This was a significant addition to VanHomes' customer service offerings.

Space Designer Client Mitch at VanHomes
Space Designer 3D™ Client Mitch at VanHomes

The Power of Scalability- A Note to Businesses

Scalability isn't just an issue for VanHomes; it's an essential concern for any business aiming for growth. Scalability speaks to a system's ability to handle a growing amount of work or its potential to expand in response to increased demand. Solutions must be found that can expand and contract as the business evolves. They must be easy to implement, efficient to run, and affordable to maintain. Here, Space Designer 3D™ is a prime example of a scalable solution that can meet these requirements. For businesses in any sector, choosing a technology partner that can scale along with you is vital for sustainable growth.

Beyond Software- Space Designer 3D™ as a Multi-Faceted Strategic Asset

Space Designer 3D™ transcended the role of just another software vendor for VanHomes. It became a strategic partner, aiding in various operational and customer-facing aspects.

Visualizing Products or Projects- The software's 3D visualization capabilities are not just beneficial for construction businesses like VanHomes but are also invaluable for industries like retail, space planning, and real estate.

Marketing and Branding- Space Designer 3D™ has played a pivotal role in their clients marketing efforts. Animated walkthroughs, detailed renderings, AR and VR experiences—the array of rich content that can be generated is astounding and highly engaging for potential customers.

Enhanced Customer Experience- The 3D visualization features have substantially enriched the customer journey, providing a more tactile and interactive experience.

Revenue Growth- As a byproduct of improved efficiency and customer satisfaction, VanHomes and other customers have seen a marked increase in revenue since the implementation of Space Designer 3D™.

Redefining Affordable Housing in Australia

With a proven track record and a cutting-edge partner like Space Designer 3D™, VanHomes is set to redefine what affordable housing means in Australia. They are leveraging technology not just as a tool but as a strategic asset for innovation, customer engagement, and operational excellence. VanHomes is here to set new standards, not just meet the old ones.

Final Thoughts and a Call to Action

"All in all, Space Designer 3D™ has given us the ability to perform and complete large quantity ordering while retaining our quality business ethics and goals. Every customer of ours is impressed at the simple ease at which they can view their own designs and it gives us guarantee that the customer has peace of mind in the design phase of their journey with us," concludes Mitch Russo. "It is with great confidence that I can happily recommend them for both the performance of the program and the friendly and knowledgeable staff members."

To businesses grappling with similar challenges—whether it's inefficiency, customer engagement, or scalability—consider this a case study in success. Space Designer 3D™ offers a scalable, versatile, and efficient solution that has stood the test of a demanding and dynamic business environment.

Space Designer Client Mitch at VanHomes

By ASYNTH SAS, Space Designer 3D™ and with express Permission of VanHomes.

Learn more about VanHomes here:

Space Designer Client Mitch at VanHomes


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